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Alberver's Redemption 5E - English

Alberver's Redemption 5E - English

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Alberver's Redemption is the first volume of the "La Torre" campaign.

In addition to the paper manual, you will also immediately receive the digital version in PDF.

Inside the volume you will find:

  • A 244-page epic adventure, easily adaptable to any game module.
  • A pre-generated party of 5 characters for a quick start.
  • Over 20 gridded maps of the main game scenarios.
  • Over 50 cards relating to monsters, NPCs, enemies and random encounters.
  • New magical items.

Explore the most infamous ravines of the city and the most remote corners of the empire, where ancient ruins have been forgotten for centuries. An ancient evil lurks in the shadows...

And you, are ready to do your part?

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