The Velar Company

TVC was created with the intention of making a series of projects related to the world of role-playing games accessible to the public, starting with the history and settings of the world of "La Torre".

The narrated story and its setting are the result of a game path that lasted over 15 years and has not yet ended. This has allowed, over time, to characterize to the smallest details environments and characters.

Precisely this desire has led to the creation of this first tome, of which a large playable demo is now available. The other tomes and numerous extra contents will be published annually. They will integrate quests connected to the main story and will include a series of information to create your own personalized adventures in this fantastic world, making it a real open world.

Our desire is to translate into reality a product that gratifies D&D players and masters, providing them with a complex and multi-faceted story and setting, suitable for novice and more experienced players.