When will the first tome "Alberver's Redemption" be available?

The first volume “Alberver's Redemption” is available. You can purchase it in paper or digital version here or on Drivethrurpg.com exclusively in digital version!

Can i see a preview of "Alberver's Redemption"?

The Demo of 'Alberver's Redemption' is already available on the website. It's FREE and PLAYABLE! Download it here! It will engage you for two or three sessions, giving you a clear idea of what our project is all about!

When will the second volume “Hock Tuldar's Bastions” be available?

"Hock Tuldar's Bastions", the second chapter of “La Torre” will be available at the end of 2024. Obviously it will be possible to play it regardless of whether you have “Alberver's Redemption”. The preview of the Kickstarter campaign which will start in a few months is already available.

Is "La Torre" suitable for novice players?

The volumes of “La Torre” are structured in such a way that there are frequent suggestions for the DM. Among these suggestions, a series of notes stand out that will allow you to calibrate the difficulty based on the experience and number of players involved in this adventure. For this reason we believe that novice players and DMs will have no difficulty in navigating the universe of "La Torre".

Is "La Torre" suitable for experienced players?

The project "La Torre" is aimed at those players who are looking for a complex and fulfilling story to experience for themselves. The DM will be able (if he so wishes) to decide how and when the events described will tie in with each other, taking advantage of the curated setting to insert extra adventures at will. Players will be faced with a series of challenges that will require commitment, courage and cunning. We believe that an experienced player will appreciate the many facets and intricacies of the narrative journey we offer.

Are there any new rules to learn?

No! We have voluntarily omitted any new game rules. The tome is available for both 3.5 and 5E. It is a choice we have made in the conviction that the styles of the two editions already have the necessary characteristics to meet the favour of role players! We preferred to offer a well-curated setting and above all an intricate and compelling story. We are convinced that these are the winning ingredients for a satisfying campaign! Of course ALL official manuals can be used to fully enjoy this setting!

Are there new species, classes and game elements?

The story of "La Torre" develops over a long period of time, across a large continent and then beyond, to visit an entire world made up of totally different places and cultures. Inevitably, new species and new original classes will be encountered. They will also be available for those who choose to take on the role of an out-of-the-ordinary PC.

Can I play “Alberver's Redemption” without necessarily having to purchase other tomes?

Certain! The history of "La Torre" is long and complex but each compendium constitutes an original and self-contained part. You will be able to easily play every single Tome provided, without necessarily having to own them all. The same will be true for “Hock Tuldar's Bastions” and for all future volumes.

Will there be extra content?

Yes. “La Torre” will develop its Story over a long period of time, but there will be space for a whole series of secondary Quests which, in some cases, will enrich the Story and in others, will be playable in a totally autonomous and disconnected way . Useful enrichments will also be available to develop your own original adventures within the world of "La Torre"! Currently you can purchase short adventures set in the "La Torre" universe, but easily adaptable to any setting. They are available here and on Drivethrurpg.com.

Will there be free content to download?

“La Torre” is a vast and well-finished project. For this reason, free extra content will be periodically available. Already in the Download section you will find the short story of The Nun Gertrude and The Curse of Lake Hotziar, playable for free. Over time we will notify you when other free content will be available for an increasingly complete gaming experience!