Alberver's Redemption




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Today Minian is celebrating. The new river port will be inaugurated within a few days. The engineers have realized an impressive work, which will further increase the prosperity of Minian's citizens. Numerous personalities from all over the Empire are expected and inns and shops are booming.

But something dark is stirring in the city.



A series of events, sometimes inexplicable and seemingly unrelated to each other, will be the prelude to a great adventure. Something will change forever the fate of a group of young adventurers... and perhaps of the whole world. An ambiguous character will put a young group of adventurers to the test. Their footsteps will be guided through the meanders of the city, up to abandoned and forgotten places. There they will discover that an ancient evil is re-emerging from the oblivion into which it had been relegated.. A sneaky plan is taking shape. Someone, in the service of a hidden power, is weaving a web of deceit and horror... and the day of hard choices is approaching for all the inhabitants of Minian!



The first tome of "La Torre", THE REDEMPTION OF ALBERVER, collects the adventures of a group of players from level 0 to the end of level 3. It is the first part of a long story that can be played in sequential or self-contained mode.

It is available for both 3.5 and 5E rulesets.

The setting is totally original, with numerous NPCs who will interact with the adventurers and long journeys that will lead the players to move in the most diverse scenarios, in a fantastic open world.

Your Adventurers will depart from the prosperous city of Minian, their home. A city of over 50,000 inhabitants, in whose scenario they will take their first steps to discover something that is about to change the world as they know it. They will meet strange creatures, ambiguous characters and evil servants of something that seemed to have been defeated so many centuries before. They will move through Minian's richest district, but also in through its slums. They will find gloomy dungeons and opulent salons. They will have to get out of the safety offered by the imposing city walls to visit places now forgotten. And suddenly, they will have to choose whether to leave their comfortable home to embark on an adventure that will take them across the continent... and beyond...