TVC is pleased to present the campaign entitled "La Torre". This intricate and compelling story spreads over 7 volumes and narrates the exploits of a handful of Adventurers who, through travels, encounters and fights, will discover that the world in which they grew up hides dark secrets and ambitious plans of conquest. In the first volume, entitled "The Redemption of Alberver", a group of young inhabitants of Minian find themselves involved in the plots of conquest of their splendid city. Only their courage and ingenuity will allow the city to resist the terrible creatures that want to conquer and destroy the Empire. In the second volume, "Hock Tuldar's Bastions", a perilous journey awaits the Adventurers. Led by the beautiful Eleonora, they are called to confer with Silius, the First Executioner. To reach it he will have to cross sinister places and forgotten deserts. Only at the foot of the Tower will they understand what threatens their world. On an annual basis, the other volumes will be published, accompanying the Adventurers to the high levels and to the definitive understanding of the evil that, in a subtle way, is enveloping the lands of the Empire and the entire planet. The saga of "La Torre" provides everything necessary to create an exciting and extremely well-curated campaign. The numerous illustrations will facilitate the Dungeon Master's work and the detailed maps will help players immerse themselves in the story. All NPCs will be described in great detail and their statistics, in the event of a battle, will be available in an easy and intuitive way. The entire setting of "La Torre" lends itself to being used for the creation of your adventures. The 7 volumes, each of which is self-contained, will provide you with all the necessary information and an infinite series of NPCs and maps with which you can enrich the stories you want to create. "La Torre" is an original fantasy story with thousands of hours of gameplay. In addition to the 7 volumes, numerous expansions will be available on our site, making the universe of "La Torre" increasingly complete and realistic.



The proud city of Minian rises in the North West of the Empire, along the banks of the River Avon. The Players will take their first steps in this city. From here they will leave to explore the places beyond its walls. One day, perhaps, they will abandon its streets and palaces to live an extraordinary adventure that will take them across different kingdoms and continents. The city was founded by the Count of the same name, in the year 175 (from the foundation of the Empire). So it's about 600 years old. For centuries it developed thanks to the mild climate, the pure and navigable waters, the fertile fields that surround it. Decades of peace and prosperity have allowed the various races that inhabit it to grow and multiply, making Minian the third most populated city in the entire Empire. A majestic wall, recently built, elegantly surrounds it. The buildings in the city center stand out full of history, precious examples of architecture. The Avon river, navigable for over two hundred leagues to the sea, and the caravan routes that border it make Minian the largest economic center of the Empire after the capital. The descendants of Count Minian, a few years after his death, chose to renounce their rights to the city, thus making it one of the first in the Empire to be governed by a Council of Elders at the head of which a Governor is elected.


The Caravan Road was the first major infrastructure created by the Empire at the dawn of its creation. It originally linked the town of Koll to Coombe. Following the founding of Minyan, the Caravan Route was extended to the west, linking the far west of the Empire (Minian) with the far east (Coombe). For over 700 leagues it winds horizontally across the northern part of the Empire. Every 10 leagues or so, an Imperial Hostel stands along the wide roadway. There you can sleep, eat and even rent a mount. The Hostels are managed effectively and soberly by the Imperial Army and allow you to cross the Empire quickly and safely. Beyond Coombe the soft grip of the Empire tends to wane. What lies beyond imperial borders is a different world. Wilder, more pristine... and certainly more dangerous.